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Individual Reading 

A private reading is committed to just one person who is looking to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over. These sessions are very loving and personal, and are also very healing on an emotional and spiritual level. Your loved ones will send messages of love, guidance, and validation that they are with you. This reading can be conducted either in-person, over the phone, or via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom. 

Two-Person Reading

A two-person reading is for people who want a friend, or a loved one to join. Both people will get a reading, and can be conducted either in-person, over the phone, or via Skype/faceTime/Zoom  

Three-Person Reading 

A three-person reading is for people who want a friend(s), or a loved one(s) to join. All three people will get a reading, and can be conducted either in-person or via Skype/faceTime/Zoom. 

Private Group Reading 

 These are intimate sessions where people come together in a private group setting, where Mike makes connections with people in the group from their loved ones that have crossed over. These can be very healing sessions of significant love, laughter, as well as spiritual and emotional healing.

Spirit Circle 

Join Mike Pozorski for an intimate connection with spirit from the otherside. Mike will be hosting this group reading with a max of 12 guests. During this group reading, Mike will start out with a short guided meditation, then start to connect in with loved ones in spirit. Mike will provide guests with a message from a loved one in spirit and/or a psychic/intuitive reading that he receives from his spirit guides, as well as from his own intuition that would pertain to either your past or present. 

What to expect :

Participants receive an individual reading with messages 

Be a part of the experience of hearing other’s connect in with their loved ones 

Learn more about spiritual communication, and gain validation/insight through your own reading. 

Please note: Not everyone will receive a message in this setting, and also know that Mike cannot guarantee that particular messages will come through or a particular loved one from spirit will come through. Mike is the messenger from this world to the next and allows the spirit world to choose who comes through with what they say, and what their message is. 

This group reading only consists of 12 people which will make the group much more intimate and personable with more time with Mike Pozorski! This group reading will an hour and a half.

 Payment must be received in full before attending the event.

Live Event 

Mike is an astoundingly accurate medium and is becoming more known throughout the state of Wisconsin for his ability to pinpoint not only exact names of people who have passed, but specific personality traits as well as memories, dates, and exact events of peoples passing. During a live event Mike will communicate with spirit and bring through messages for random audience members. This is an amazing opportunity to join one of the most accurate mediums in Wisconsin for a fascinating journey into the world of spirit! Mike has a unique natural gift of Spiritual Communication. He travels the state sharing his ability and demonstrates this work through healing and comfort to whoever he comes in contact with. These events are for anyone who is looking to see how Mike works with spirit in a larger group setting. This will also give you an idea if Mike is the right person for you to set up either an in person and/or private group reading with family and friends. These events will give you an understanding of how Mike works with spirit in validating that your loved ones who have passed are still with you on a spiritual level.

To schedule an appointment, please submit the form below. Mike will correspond with you via email to set up a date and time. If you are interested in attending a live event, please see the live event tab above where you will be able to purchase your ticket(s)! To secure an appointment, use paypal below. Otherwise, cash is accepted for in person readings.  

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