-Medium . Healer . Teacher .

It is my unstoppable deteremination and devtion to empowering as many people as I can.

   Welcome to my website! I hope you find all of the information that you are looking for, as well as comfort in knowing that your loved ones are just a thought away. 

  I am a Medium, Healer, and Teacher. I take this work very seriously, and I absolutely love what I can provide for others. If I can help reconnect you with your loved ones, and help bring peace, and comfort, and also help you understand your own personal intuition for answers you are seeking, then I feel I have fulfilled my purpose. 

   "It is my unstoppable determination and devotion to empowering as many people as I can." - Mike Pozorski

Imagine if there were someone who could validate to you that your loved ones who have passed on are still with you on a spiritual level, and also demonstrate through his work that life continues after death. Well, there absolutely is! By clicking on one of the links below you will be able to meet Mike in person, and be a part of an amazing experience. Mike is known for his down to earth personality, and his love and compassion for his work. Mike has been changing people's lives now for 5 years through his abilities as a Medium, and is dedicated to this service in helping others. Join Mike to see and experience his abilities for it will bring you much comfort and knowing that your loved ones are indeed just a thought away.

   “I was invited to a group reading with Medium Mike Pozorski and it was the best experience I have had in 60 years of my life. I want to thank you so much. I feel so uplifted I can't even explain. I will be coming to see you again, thank you for this great experience.” - Sue Benzinger, WI

Individual/Two Person Reading

Join Mike one on one, or with a friend/loved one.  

Private Group Reading

Join Mike and others for a private group reading.

Live Events

Join Mike and others for a live event.

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